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Wallpapers for Sale
8th Aug 2019

With the new CTP website I tried to tackle a new challenging concept for me, namely to keep it simple and professional but to retain some of my colorful and diverse background. Having accumulated a vast arsenal of photos over the last decade, it was time to go through endless galleries to find the very best of my shots to share with you. The theme which this site is built on had an automatic online shop attached, which at first seemed irrelevant...

Metal4Africa Winterfest 2019
8th Aug 2019

Metal4Africa is South Africa’s largest bi-annual heavy metal festival. Originally it took place in the beautiful town of Stellebosch, at the Klein Libertas theatre. After Klein Libertas burned down the festival was moved to Belleville industrial area. With this new venue also came a new scenery and a great new place to explore with the lens. Over the years I became more active in the metal scene as a gig photographer, taking photos of the bands...

Rotary Gartenfest 2019
8th Aug 2019

Every year, the German Rotary am Kap club sets out their annual spring garden festival where all can join in and enjoy German food, drinks and music. The event itself presents a beautiful setting in the Bishops Court region, one of Cape Towns finest garden areas next to Kirstenbosch. The majestic mountain range in the background, the Tafelberg, surrounded by lush vegetation is a treat for every photographer coming by. For the past 3 years I have...

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